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Pillar6 Podcast 

Bringing thought leaders with various perspectives to our community. 

Working to help you live an informed, fulfilling and intentional Life by Design! 

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Let's talk about the Elephant In the Room! with Jen Lee

You know that Elephant In the Room? The one No One wants to talk about? Unfortunately a lot of people will face financial challenges after this Economic Downturn ends, and many will find themselves in debt, in collections, in bankruptcy, or victims of credit settlement scams. Help others avoid debt troubles and learn how to protect yourself. Join me in conversation with a Debt & Credit expert Jen Lee, of Jen Lee Law talking about ways to avoid getting into too much Debt, managing Debt wisely, and ways to get out of trouble if you find yourself dug in deep.

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Living Life by Design and Leading with Purpose - with Charlotte Smith

I'm excited to speak with Charlotte Smith, a former Lawyer turned Executive Life Design Coach about Living Life by Design and Leading with Purpose. Our topic today is “Staying resilient, agile, and moving forward with inspired leadership” especially in these unprecedented times when our fortitude is constantly being challenged. Want more Balance in your life? Be sure to listen in. Success, happiness and fulfillment isn't out of reach, even in these uncertain times especially when have access to the right tools & mindset!

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Calling on Super-Moms & Super-Dads with Young Kids!!!! with Leah Rosenthal Kambic

Join our conversation with Leah Rosenthal-Kambic, an early childhood educator and owner of Kid Time Preschools. Having mastered the chaos (occasionally caused by hundreds of fast moving children) Leah shares tips with busy parents on managing being parents, teachers while working from home. If you're looking for ideas to keep your kids busy, engaged, learning, bonding, playing while having fun just being kids...watch this talk with Leah.

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Business Owners: Employment law options under Covid-19 with Sean Gentry

Making payroll is one of the biggest worries business owners have. It's a big financial and moral responsibility that can keep a business owner awake at night. Especially at a time like this when business activity is slowing and disappearing altogether. If you're worried about maintaining your payroll, Sean Gentry of AdAstra Law talks about navigating EDD Benefits, SBA Loans, and Employee Furloughs to make it through a difficult economic time.