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College Financial Aid Forms & Applications (For High School Seniors)

College Planning Financial Aid

This event was hosted on October 10, 2017 at the Marin County Office Of Education

  • Topic: Financial Aid Forms & Applications (Seniors)

This event covered the technical aspects of financial aid planning techniques for families of High School Seniors to reduce their out of pocket cost for college. 

Part I:

  • Three challenges navigating college & aid planning
    • Increasing cost of college
    • Complexity of financial aid process
    • Confusion with number of financial aid parts 

Part II

  • Types of Financial Aid
    • Merit Based Aid 
    • Financial Need Based Aid
    • Financial Aid Formula: COA - EFC = Need
  • Financial Aid Forms
    • FAFSA 
    • CSS Profile
  • Financial Aid Formulas
    • Federal Methodology (FM)
    • Institutional Methodology (FM)
    • Consensus Methodology (CM)
    • How each formula (methodology) calculate income & assets

Part III:

  • Four Components of College Financing
    • College Selection
    • Financial Aid
    • Tax Aid
    • Personal Resources

Part IV:

  • Individual discussion of the four components of College Financing 
    • How to take advantage of savings in each component 
    • What to do if your family qualifies for need based financial aid
    • What to do if your family does not qualify for need based financial aid

Part V:

  • College Planning Checklist (six part)