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lifestyle driven financial planning 

and wealth management


What we Believe...

We believe that a life driven by your most meaningful passions, ambitions and values is a life worth living

Well aligned (financial) decisions should empower your life's purpose and life's most precious moments

Financial Planning  & Advisory

Life is a journey that rarely follows a straight line. When planning for something as important as our future we need more than just a destination. 

Making smart financial decisions throughout our lives is important to growing, protecting, preserving and using our wealth wisely. We can work with you to build plans around specific life events, or provide comprehensive financial planning on a one-time or ongoing basis. Click the options below to decide which of our planning services may be right for you.

Want to get your entire financial house in order?

A comprehensive financial plan aligns all components of your personal finances with your highest ranked goals, values and priorities. Facilitated coordination between your team of advisors improves incremental advice and helps you make better decisions.

If you feel that it's time for a financial check-up, putting all the pieces of your financial life together into a coordinated plan, you can... 

Schedule your Complimentary Discovery Call to see if our Financial Planning Services are right for you  

Complimentary Call

There is No risk, No cost, No obligations ...

Just lots of VALUE

Because this conversation will reveal if We are a Match!

IF we're not ... you'll be one step closer to finding a better fit advisor

But IF we are ... you'll be one step closer to getting into the Best Financial Shape of your Life!

*Comprehensive Financial Plans pricing is based on complexity & planning time. Plans range in price from $3,500-25,000. Guided DIY Financial Planning pricing is available for a one time charge of $799 or $100/mo subscription option.

List of Holistic Wealth Planning Areas

  • Cash Flow Planning 
  • Tax Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Risk & Insurance Planning
  • Estate & Legacy Planning 
  • Retirement Planning
  • Lifestyle Planning
  • Goal Planning
  • Etc.

Get a 360° view of your finances in a single dashboard...

...and engaging tools to help you visualize your money and the impact of various financial decisions & outcomes

Investment Guidance for DIY Investors

No management fees, no account minimums, no commitments, no account transfers.  Keep everything as it is, where it is. Just make it work better!

This investment guidance service is designed to assist do-it-yourself investors who seek better performance, lower cost, and higher confidence in their investment decisions.

Get professional investment managers best thinking and insights about the economy, investment markets, portfolio construction and asset class rankings to help you construct better portfolios.

Add to Cart

Click HERE to learn about this service or click the Add to Cart button below to get started today

Add To Cart

*This visual representation is from our November 2019 market update and is not to be used as advice or recommendation. It is used for example & educational purposes only. Dynamic Asset Level Investing (D.A.L.I.) is an investment tool providing dynamic snapshots of asset classes in a Relative Strength based matrix. 

See How Your Portfolio Measures Up

Want to see how your portfolio stacks against the processionals? Take a Risk Assessment Quiz , enter your portfolio details, and we'll send you a Full Investment Assessment Report with Your Investment Grade and ranking of your current investments. 

Or schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call with a Portfolio Manager today. No cost, no commitment, just a friendly call to answer your questions and see if this is a good fit. 

*Investment planning rates vary by advisor. Rates range from $125 to $375/hr

Don't Pay the Sticker Price for College

The cost of sending a child to the best colleges in America today exceeds $280,000 over four years ($400,000 after tax). And what most families spend on college they won't have for retirement. As college approaches, pressure and uncertainty begin to mount as families start looking for direction, answers and solutions - regardless of their income levels or assets.

Unfortunately, only a very small fraction of best financial advisors in America have educated themselves on how to advise people on their best strategy to pay for college and preserve assets and income for retirement.

Meanwhile, parents send their children to college, paying more than ever, regardless of their economic conditions year-after-year. Determining a family's best strategy to pay for college requires expertise in college admissions, financial aid, tax strategies, investment management and financial planning. Knowing how to bring together the expertise in all of these areas and arrive at the best strategy is complex and requires a rare skill set. Pillar6 Advisors are here to help. 

Learn how to:

  • Send your child(ren) to the best colleges;
  • Make the best use of your personal financial resources;
  • Reduce the overall cost of college through financial aid & tax savings;
  • Create a Best Strategy to pay for college and preserve assets & income for retirement

Schedule your Complimentary Discovery Call Today or Look up our online courses for College Bound Families


What's your College Strategy?


Learn about our College Planning Services 

& Sample Reports HERE

Wealth Management 

Life gets busy.  Demands on our time and a perpetual list of things that must be done, leaves us with less free-time to spend on the things we enjoy most. 

Having online tools for managing parts of our finances is convenient, but managing all of them effectively, as part of a plan, can be a challenge. Pillar6 Advisors can assume complete responsibility for the management of your financial life in a professional & fiduciary manner, saving you time and effort while providing you with a peace of mind knowing that your financial house is in good order.  

Your financial life on track 

If you want to keep your financial house in good order and to have the highest degree of confidence in realizing your life goals despite life's ongoing changes; we can help.  Our ongoing Financial Life Managment ensures that your finances are always organized, coordinated and on the right track.

We'll facilitate the coordination of your entire financial life with your team of subject matter experts - including your tax, legal, investment, insurance, and personal advisors to ensure that important decisions are looked upon from multiple perspectives. 

Annual Review



Your Money At Work

You work hard for your money – you spend some right away, lose some to taxes, save some and invest the rest. But do you know exactly where your money is going and whether you can keep more of it? Do you know if your money is working harder than you or the other way around? Pillar6 Advisors will make your money work up a sweat. 

Our investment advisors and managers can help you grow your money, improve investment returns and ensure that your money works hard, so that you can confidently live the life you want. You can be as involved or hands-off as you like. If you want to assist in creating a strategy for your investments, receive regular progress reports, or simply enjoy the dividends of a stronger, leaner, and more efficient portfolio, we’ll gladly partner up or take the lead.    

Independent & Fiduciary 

         1.  We Analyze 

  • Our investment team will follow a thorough and objective process to review your existing investments and offer clear and effective recommendations in areas of improvement. 


         2. We Implement 

  • Even the best recommendations can be rendered useless if action is not taken to implement them. We'll help you implement our recommendations, or implement them on your behalf to ensure that your money is hard at work.  

         3. We Manage

  • Regardless of what happens in the economy, the stock market, in politics or events around the world, having professional investment managers will give a peace of mind knowing that your investments are globally diversified, coordinated and working correctly. 

Insurance & Risk Management

We can insure against anything these days, loss of income, car accidents, personal theft, health and those of our pets. You can even insure yourself against the unlikely chance of being struck by lightning or abducted by aliens – strange, but true. There is no shortage of things you can protect in your life. But do you need every insurance policy out there? Do you know which ones are best suited for your lifestyle?

Our Pillar6 Insurance specialists will help you identify risks that can realistically and significantly disrupt your lifestyle, rank them in order of importance and make recommendations to create a comprehensive safety net for you and your loved ones.

Do you do the same with your finances?

We can work with your existing insurance advisors to implement our recommendations, or you can use our Pillar6 Benefits & Insurance Services team to handle your insurance needs. However you choose, you’ll be in good hands.

Products and Services

Whether you’re in the market for new insurance or already have policies in place, we’ll review & provide advice on your existing plans or find a better fit.

         For Individuals

         For Businesses

  • Group Medical 
  • Key Person & Buy Sell
  • Executive Carve Out Plans
  • Policy Audits

Quote & Apply

We Are Unapologetically...


The fiduciary standard of care is the highest legal standard requiring duties of good faith and trust. As fiduciaries we always (a) act in the best interests of our clients, (b) avoid conflicts of interest, (c) have full transparency with fees and compensation.


Maintaining our independence from corporate affiliation affords us the freedom of thought & choice to select the best products and services for each of our clients individually.


We ask thoughtful questions and we listen before giving advice. Having a comprehensive mindset is important when making important financial decisions.

Roman Polnar Photo Roman Polnar Hover Photo

Roman Polnar

Founder & Managing Principal
Read Bio

Roman M. Polnar

Founder & Principal

"I love helping people as much as I love the practical aspects of our profession. Having worked with hundreds of families over the past seventeen years, I am blessed to have become a part of their lives."

Roman has over 18 years of experience in the financial-services profession working for some of the nation’s most recognized names. But after ten years in the corporate world he left to build an independent firm that would do things differently:  A firm that would listen to people, before giving advice. A firm that would do right for their clients without compromise in favor of corporate profits.  A firm that would build life-long relationships based on thoughtful guidance, honesty and integrity. 

Pillar6 Advisors LLC was born out of that vision in 2010 as a solo-advisory practice and continues to grow today with a dedicated team supported by a vast professional network working together for the benefit of their deeply connected & loyal clients. 

Roman lives in San Francisco with his wife Sabina and their three kids, Ellie, Zev & Gabriel. When not running the firm or working with clients, Roman can be found enjoying the outdoors with his family , volunteering his time in support of small-business and childhood education non-profits, or setting new endurance challenges like swims from Alcatraz and long cycling adventures that give him time to think and reflect.

To schedule a complimentary consultation click HERE

Pat Carroll Photo Pat Carroll Hover Photo

Pat Carroll

Sr. Portfolio Manager
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Pat Carroll

Sr. Portfolio Manager

"Having been in the investment business since 1986, I can honestly say I’ve never enjoyed my job more, never been more excited about working with my clients."

Pat has always been a reserved and observational person. This part of his personality allowed him to notice and examine developing trends taking place around him and around the world. Today, he's incredibly excited about the technological innovations happening all around us including in our own profession. 

When coupling innovative tools with his experience, perspectives and 30 years of investing for his clients, he feels more effective than ever at providing unbiased and independent advice to clients looking for his unique approach to investing.

While all of his clients have different needs and goals, they all have one thing in common; they all appreciate his  systematic, common sense approach to managing their money.

When Pat is not hard at work, together with his wife Sarah, they travel, play golf, enjoy fine food and wine with friends and loved ones; and they look forward to having his daughter Crystal make them grandparents one of these days!

James Anadon Photo James Anadon Hover Photo

James Anadon

Portfolio Manager
Read Bio

James Anadon

Portfolio Manager

"One of my greatest qualities is my ability to listen. As a trusted advisor, listening closely to your needs gives me the depth of understanding to guide our investment decisions and inform you of the options that directly align with your goals."

After working for a major Wall Street firm, James realized that his personal & professional standards are better aligned with an independent, comprehensive & holistic firm to serve his clients best interests.

Whether you need investment ideas for your business, income in retirement, are focused on growth, or leaving a financial legacy for the rising generations, James prides himself on effectively informing our clients about their options and connecting them to sound investment solutions for their individual needs.

James lives in Walnut Creek with his wife Letty and their playful pup named Kalvin. James is an avid outdoorsman, who likes to go "off the grid" to connect with nature and get centered. 

Carl Horne Photo Carl Horne Hover Photo

Carl Horne

Insurance & Benefits
Read Bio

Vice President

Insurance & Risk Management 

As a musician, my best moments have been at live events when the music touches someone so deeply it takes on a life of its own. It becomes a connection, a relationship, a comfort.

My mission is to help individuals, families and small businesses make informed decisions about insurance that can help protect their health and financial well-being. It takes connection and relationship to accomplish this. Knowing you have the right coverage to protect your health and minimize risk to your income or business provides great comfort. There is an art to providing that depth of “peace of mind."

After years of working with a software start up company, Carl learned a great deal about patience, listening, and wearing many hats. Around the time that the demands of the company would have forced him to leave the Bay Area, he was speaking with his insurance advisor about changes he needed to make. His advisor suggested to Carl that his thoughtful nature would make him a great insurance advisor. That conversation sparked the beginning of a new career and 12 years later, Carl still loves intently listening to his clients to understand their needs and find the best solutions to fit them.

Joining Pillar6 has enabled Carl to expand the scope of his work by partnering with a robust team of like minded professionals that always put their clients needs first.  Whether it is personal Life Insurance, Disability, Long Term Care, or Employee Benefits for closely held businesses, Carl looks forward to exploring the options with you.

Carl lives in San Francisco, with his wife Ellie, daughter India, and twin boys, Leroy and Evan. When time permits, Carl still enjoys playing music, running, cooking, and of course participating in as many of the children's adventures as we can fit in.

To schedule a complimentary consultation click HERE

Dr. Lawrence  Souza Photo Dr. Lawrence  Souza Hover Photo

Dr. Lawrence Souza

Read Bio

Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Souza

Economist - Advisor

"I dedicated my life to Academia to understand how the world works so that I can inform others to make informed decisions to improve their lives, which has given my life tremendous meaning and personal satisfaction."

Dr. Souza has 26 years of experience in the commercial real estate and financial services industries. Prior to working with Pillar6 Advisors, LLC he worked for Charles Schwab Investment Management as a Managing Director of Index Services. He's also served as Chief Economist and Managing Director of Global Real Analytics.

He holds multiple graduate degrees in finance, economics, public administration, political science, and information systems; and a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration/Corporate Finance.  Dr. Souza applies his experience as an adjunct professor of corporate finance & economics at the University of San Francisco, Golden Gate University and Saint Mary's College. As a Sr. Economist & Advisor, he contributes his perspective to shape our financial & investment strategies and provides strategic advice to clients.

Dr. Souza is a frequent speaker in the real estate, development and finance community. 

Dr. Souza lives in Pacifica and on occasion may be spotted catching a wave on his surfboard and admiring the Mavericks from a safe distance.

Letty Anadon Photo Letty Anadon Hover Photo

Letty Anadon

Client Experience
Read Bio

Letty joined our Pillar6 Team as a Client Experience Associate to help us deliver even more value to each individual client and their families....and to stay better connected to our growing "fan base"

Before joining Pillar6, Letty worked as a Lead Project Manager at Sixteen5Hundred, coordinating teams of professionals installing lighting projects for leading companies in Silicon Valley. She brings this organizational experience to help us improve our internal systems and processes to make your experience in working together with us better, smoother and more engaging!

On a personal note: Letty grew up on a ranch, and she’s never lost her love for the outdoors. She is an avid target shooter, a self professed foodie, and enjoys hiking the trails of Santa Cruz and Mt. Diablo with her husband, James (yes our very own James Anadon), their newborn baby girl, Olivia and their Irish Setter named Kalvin

I think that when you first speak with Letty, you will immediately notice her clear, thoughtful and empathetic personality. And when you begin working together, you will appreciate her ability to keep everything coordinated & organized, and everyone at ease. I encourage you to reach out to letty@pillar6.com and say hello!

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