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Planning For College Bound Families

Our mission is to make college affordable for all families


College Selection

Many families arrive at the college application process with knowledge gaps that may create uncertainty, confusion, anxiety and trigger unnecessary expenses when paying for college. Finding the right college fit for your student will save you money & result in higher merit aid.

Financial Aid

Knowing how the financial aid formula works, what forms to complete and how to complete them correctly will determine whether or not you will have to pay the full price for college. Many families incorrectly assume they won't get financial aid - no one has to pay the sticker price. 

Tax Planning

With college specific tax strategies & tax credits parents can save thousands of dollars on their tax bill and use that money to pay for college. Having a qualified college planning expert work together with your accountant will create significant savings. 

Personal Resources

How you pay for college will impact next year's financial aid eligibility and your long-term financial well-being. Having the right strategy to pay for college will save you money on the cost of college while preserving assets and income for retirement. 

Let our college planning experts create the Best Strategy for you to pay for college and save your income & assets for retirement

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