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Business Breakthrough with Crystal Shanks

Crystal Shanks

Crystal Shanks is the CEO and Certified Business Coach at Run Right Business Consulting, where business and executive coaches help entrepreneurs and executives thrive through professional and personal development. Run Right’s coaching program is uniquely personalized for each person and focuses on core needs, including marketing, sales, operations, leadership, financial mastery, career advancement, and mindset. Crystal has coached thousands of owners and businesses worldwide to generate maximum profits and substantial results for nearly 15 years.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What differentiates Run Right Business Consulting from other coaching firms?
  • Inspirational case studies highlighting the impact of positive coaching
  • The three pain points that cause people to seek professional consulting
  • Crystal Shanks shares the formula for transforming businesses and how to apply it
  • A homework assignment for overcoming pain points to help with growing your business
  • Why you shouldn't confuse business coaching with life coaching
  • What time commitment is required for working with Run Right?

In this episode…

People hire business coaches and consultants for various reasons, including having a sounding board, gaining accountability, overcoming business challenges and increasing their bottom line growth! They provide valuable support and guidance to leaders wanting to propel themselves to a higher level of success. However, to have the greatest impact we must ask and answer the tough questions. 

With 14 years of coaching executives and leaders under her belt, Crystal Shanks is no stranger to the business world. If you’re looking to elevate yourself or grow your business, her advice is to work with a business coach that knows how to ask the right questions and hone in on the biggest pain points. A good coach will identify and help unblock barriers standing in the way of reaching your goals. Fully committing to the process will break those barriers and clear a path to moving forward.

In this episode of the Pillar6 Podcast, Roman Polnar interviews Crystal Shanks, CEO and Certified Business Coach at Run Right Business Consulting, to discuss the influence of executive coaching on business growth. She shares her proven formula for rapid business growth, case studies from past clients, and key questions to answer for your own business growth. Plus, Crystal offers a special homework assignment as a first step toward growing your business.

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