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Connecting Tax Planning With Philanthropy

Jim Amerman

Jim Amerman is a Managing Director at Foundation Source, the nation's leading provider of customized support services and technology for private foundations. Before joining the company, Jim was the Managing Director of Wealth Planning at Fortress Wealth Management and Director of Financial Planning at Westmount Asset Management. He is an expert on Roth conversion optimization.

He received his BA in economics from Duke University and his MBA in finance, accounting, and marketing from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jim Amerman explains what Foundation Source does
  • What is a private foundation?
  • The differences between Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) and private foundations
  • How tax deductions on donations to foundations work
  • The benefits of working with a private foundation
  • Tax filing deadlines for donations
  • Jim talks about Roth IRA conversions, setting up Roth IRA accounts for kids, and the long-term benefits of Roth contributions
  • Jim's book recommendations

In this episode…

Tax planning is a critical component of wealth management. As the year comes to a close, philanthropists and foundations need to ensure that their donations are filed in compliance with tax laws. 

How can philanthropy benefit your tax planning strategy to maximize tax deductions?

Jim Amerman, a Managing Director at Foundation Source, joins Roman Polnar in this episode of the Pillar6 Podcast to share his insights on tax planning and philanthropy. Jim explains what a private foundation means, differentiates between a private foundation and Donor-Advised Fund, and discusses Roth IRA conversions.

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