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Digital Marketing Now More Than Ever

Lael Sturm

Lael Sturm is the Founder and Managing Director at LPSS Digital Marketing, a full-service marketing and strategy agency. He has worked with well-known companies, including MTV, Microsoft, Bloomberg, and Virgin Airways. He also works with startups and professional services firms, including solopreneurs and professionals who want to reach more ideal customers.

Lael studied media at the University of Arizona before earning his MBA from the Columbia Business School, where he focused on management, marketing, and finance.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Lael Sturm explains why companies should focus on digital marketing now more than ever
  • Is it crazy to do digital marketing during market downturns?
  • What should a company do to market its brand more effectively?
  • Lael's advice on using paid ads and deciding between marketing using LinkedIn versus social media 
  • Are email campaigns more personal than social media?
  • The difference between content marketing and content strategy
  • How to use online courses to increase revenue and grow a business — and Lael's recommended platforms for creating courses
  • How LPSS Digital Marketing supports businesses and communities

In this episode…

What can companies do to thrive in hard economic times? What marketing strategies can they use to increase visibility and accessibility and become more profitable?

Many companies reduce marketing and advertising budgets during economic downturns in an effort to conserve money. They cut back for fear of being faced with lower demand for their products. However, it’s the ideal time to leverage digital marketing and make it a critical part of your company’s marketing mix. 

In this episode of the Pillar6 Podcast, Roman Polnar is joined by Lael Sturm, the Founder and Managing Director of LPSS Digital Marketing, to discuss the value of digital marketing during challenging economic times. Lael talks about maximizing paid ads, differentiating between content marketing and content strategy, and using online courses to increase revenue. Stay tuned.

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