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Leadership and Change Management Strategies with Michael Koehler, CEO of KONU

Michael Koehler

Michael Koehler is the Founder and CEO of KONU, an international boutique consultancy for leadership development and change management. Michael also teaches leadership as an Adjunct Lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education and hosts the On The Balcony podcast, where he inspires change agents, executives, and others passionate about personal development.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Michael Koehler is passionate about leadership and change management
  • What makes change management difficult?
  • How to inspire your team to embrace change
  • Tips for slowing down when managing change and overcoming loss
  • The adaptive leadership framework
  • The difference between authority and leadership
  • How to develop leadership abilities
  • Michael's book recommendations

In this episode…

According to studies, we like change when its in our favor, but struggle when change evokes a sense of loss. That sense of loss can derail the best laid out plans, campaigns, projects, and visions.  As it turns out, successful changes are less about charisma, conviction, vision, preparedness or communication, but rather...its about managing a sense of loss.

When organizational or corporate changes make people feel that they're losing control, status, autonomy or connection, even the best of changes can stall or fail. Engaging with your team to name their losses and acknowledge their fears, will help leaders and change managers transform internal blockades into positive change momentum. 

In this episode of the Pillar6 Podcast, Roman Polnar interviews Michael Koehler, the Founder and CEO of KONU, about leadership and change management strategies. They also discuss Michael's Adaptive Leadership Framework, the difference between formal and informal leadership, and tips on how to acknowledge loss to effectuate change.

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