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Let's Talk About the Elephant in the Room

Jen Grondahl LeeJen Grondahl Lee is a Debt and Credit Strategy Attorney at Jen Lee Law, Inc. She helps her clients handle debt and credit issues and advises them on credit card loans, student loans, past-due taxes, identity theft, credit report problems, and other matters related to debt and credit. 

Jen has been featured in ConsumerAffairs, US News & World Report, and other national publications. She is the co-author of Preventing Credit Card Fraud and a regular speaker in the professional community in Northern California. As the host of the Debt Therapy podcast, she shares practical financial advice on everyday topics.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Jen Grondahl Lee became a debt and credit attorney
  • Jen introduces Bernadebt (Burn-A-Debt) and explains what "the elephant in the room" means
  • Are Jen's clients usually in financial trouble or broke when they reach out to her?
  • The many options available to people resolving financial problems and the common mistakes they tend to make
  • When is bankruptcy a first or last resort? 
  • Tips and strategies for checking credit reports and scores 
  • Jen shares her best practices for managing money during a financial crisis
  • What small businesses can do to manage their loans and cash flows better
  • Jen's resources for keeping good financial records and her Debt Therapy podcast

In this episode…

Did you know that more than 70% of people in the United States have debt or credit problems? Is bankruptcy a good option for you? Are you in a financial bind and don’t know what you should do to get back on track?    

Jen Grondahl Lee works with many people with debt issues. Determining the best solution for money problems depends a lot on the person’s short and long-term goals. Jen walks people through their options and guides them along in handling sticky financial situations. She helps them find solutions by encouraging them to work with a budget and prioritizing the most important things. Creating discipline, getting to a more comfortable financial place, and even starting a retirement plan are all essential pieces of a sound financial strategy. 

In this episode of the Pillar6 Podcast, Roman Polmar is joined by Jen Grondahl Lee, a Debt and Credit Strategy Attorney at Jen Lee Law, Inc., to discuss best practices for solving debt and credit problems. Jen explains how debt consolidations work, talks about the ins and outs of bankruptcy, and shares resources and tools for managing debt. Stay tuned to hear how you can get your head above water!

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