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Using Financial Tools To Make Better Financial Decisions

Eric DunnEric Dunn is the CEO of Quicken, makers of the best-selling personal finance software in the US. Under his leadership, the company successfully spun off from Intuit and modernized its product suite — leading to significant growth and attracting a major investment from Aquiline Capital Partners in 2021. Today, Quicken provides more than two million active users the tools to lead healthier financial lives. 

Before serving as Quicken's CEO, Eric spent more than 20 years at Intuit, where he was the fourth employee. As the CFO, he took the company into its IPO (initial public offering) in 1993. During his career, Eric has also pursued technology investing as an angel investor and Partner at Cardinal Ventures.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Eric Dunn's experience building financial software in the '80s — and working at Intuit
  • The strategies Eric has been using to build Quicken 
  • How Simplifi by Quicken works and its evolution over the years
  • Do financial tools help people make better financial decisions?
  • The future of the personal fintech space
  • How Eric decides which new features and products to launch
  • What does a typical workday look like for Eric?
  • Eric's tips for managing finances
  • Eric’s book recommendations

In this episode…

Technology has made it easier and more convenient for businesses and individuals to manage their finances. Every year, new tools and software are launched into the market to help people make better financial decisions. 

Eric Dunn, the creator of Quicken, advises that having the right financial tool can help you understand your finances better. It can also help you create better budgets, manage debts, and invest wisely. 

In this episode of the Pillar6 Podcast, Roman Polnar interviews Eric Dunn, the CEO of Quicken, about using financial tools to make better financial decisions. Eric talks about the growth and evolution of Quicken, tips for managing finances, and the future of the personal fintech space.

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