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Lights!!! Camera!!! Action!!!

Lifestyle COVID-19

I've been getting a lot of questions about my Zoom Setup, so I decided to put together a list for anyone to use my TOP-FOUR virtual meetings tips. 

#1 Lighting

#2 Sound

  • USB Mic (lowest cost  to improve sound quality)
  • Step Up (higher quality if you’re recording content or hosting webinars.
  • For recording videos, vlogs, facebook lives, etc...I use a Lapel Mic (plugs into your iPhone, Android, Laptop or Desktop. Great audio and cuts down on background noise so it's fantastic for outdoors or inside. You may need an adapter to fit your particular device)

#3 Camera

  • Almost any HD Webcam is better than what our computers come with. 
  • Here’s what I use, but depending on availability and budget you can find a lot of other options. 
  • If availability is low on Amazon, check BHPhoto and Ebay

#4 Internet Speed

  • This is often overlooked but super important! 
  • Most internet providers are reducing the speed / bandwidth that you're technically promised under your “Plan” because there’s such a high load of traffic on residential channels now. So I highly recommend that you call your internet provider to: 

(1)   Check your bandwidth & confirm whether you’re getting the full value under your plan (use https://www.speedtest.net/); 

(2)   Negotiate for an Upgrade in speed/bandwidth without increasing your cost (too much)

(3)   Make sure you have the latest equipment

 I discovered that my 250 Mbps Plan was only giving us 50-75Mbps and not keeping up with our needs (kids on iPads + Zoom calls) so I upgraded to 1Gig for a minor increase in cost and its well worth it! My voice & video come through clear and crisp without any lag or freezing...which used to happen all the time. 

The last, but incredibly important thing is WiFi (if that's what you're using to connect to the internet). After dealing with intermittent speeds and "dead spots" throughout the house, I caved in and got a Mesh Wifi setup. It's a little extra $$ but WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!  

Below are the TOP 3 Runners Up that were recommended by my tech savvy friends:

(1)   Amazon Eero (most loved by the “Alexa” crowd - pricest of the three but people loved the ease of set up)

(2)   Google Nest (most loved by the “Hey Google” crowd - mid range in cost and people loved the aesthetics)

(3)   Netgear Orbi (most loved by the “I don’t want Google or Alexa in my house” crowd - lower cost of the three)

I hope this helps!!! Happy Zooming!!