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Lights!!! Camera!!! Action!!!

Have you been on a Zoom Call when the speaker's video freezes, their voice fades, or it looks like they're dialing in from a dark cave? Of course, we've all seen this and most of us have done these things ourselves. Which is why I went on a hunt for the best-cost-effective way to UP my Zoom Game. This post has my TOP-FOUR virtual meetings tips.

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Pillar6 Update (COVID-19 Be Damned)

Schools Close, California governor issues a Shelter In Place order, Stocks enter the Bear Market, Businesses are closing doors. This was just the last 72 hours....So what do we do, where do we turn, what's going to happen?????? Hey everyone, this is Roman sharing our thoughts and feelings about the impact of Covid-19 on our lives, our businesses, and our personal finances. We're fully operational, observing, researching, adjusting and managing your financial affairs without skipping a beat. Wishing you well!

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