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The Downside of Focus!

Planning Lifestyle

I constantly ask our kids to “Focus” because they dart from one thing to another.

Never sticking to any one thing long enough. 

 It’s dizzying ... 

And probably a bad habit as they get older. 

So I constantly ask them to focus ...

And learn to do one thing at a time!

But just the other day, practicing my own “focus on one thing” advice

I failed … spectacularly!!! 

I had spent a couple of weeks writing an outline for a new course … 

Then another week building slides …

And when I was done (gleaming with pride) ...

I had it reviewed 

 The feedback was crushing!!!

Everything was logical, accurate and practical 

But my learner was missing something even more important than good information  




As I went back to rewrite my course I began to realize that we (as adults) often make the opposite mistake … by focusing too much!

Sometimes we focus too much on work … and miss important moments with our kids, spouses, family and friends

Sometimes we focus too much on to-do lists… and miss important opportunities for self care and better health

Sometimes we focus too much on what’s in front of us … and miss seeing the bigger picture

Sometimes we just walk past dollars to pick up cents! 

 So the next time you find yourself intently focused on any one thing…

 Remember to raise your head and look around ...

 To make sure you’re not missing something more important! 

 Thanks for reading!