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A Game of Risk

A while ago, I had a conversation with a friend about our respective businesses and the changes we made due to Covid. When I told him that our investment managers moved away from investing in funds to investing in individual stocks, He said... “That sounds really risky! What’s going to happen when the market crashes?"

Investing Planning
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Is it Time?

The last two weeks brought a lot of new information for us to digest. Does this mean we can march confidently into the next growth cycle? It’s too soon to tell for certain. A lot can still change. I encourage you to think about three questions before making any big decisions.

Investing Cash Flow Planning
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Business Owners: Navigating employment law options under Covid-19

Making payroll is one of the biggest worries business owners have. It's a big financial and moral responsibility that can keep a business owner awake at night. Especially at a time like this when business activity is slowing and disappearing altogether. If you're worried about maintaining your payroll, Sean Gentry of AdAstra Law talks about navigating EDD Benefits, SBA Loans, and Employee Furloughs to make it through a difficult economic time.

Planning COVID-19
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Pillar6 Update (COVID-19 Be Damned)

Schools Close, California governor issues a Shelter In Place order, Stocks enter the Bear Market, Businesses are closing doors. This was just the last 72 hours....So what do we do, where do we turn, what's going to happen?????? Hey everyone, this is Roman sharing our thoughts and feelings about the impact of Covid-19 on our lives, our businesses, and our personal finances. We're fully operational, observing, researching, adjusting and managing your financial affairs without skipping a beat. Wishing you well!

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